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Oh boy this one is gonna get hot


Delivered by the stork. Found under the cabbage patch? Low tech...Make a baby. Most don't need instructions to make one, they just don't know if it is really a good idea.


Since the baby making often goes on without regard to the eventual child's existance in virtual enslavement to the parents, society or governmental management which is run by various political parties or "tribes".    It really boils down to  "oh baby... you feel SO good"


   Unfortunately the unthinking sexual impulse occasionally results in a hostile response or aggression towards another person.  Dishonest verbal encounter disguised as a friendly encounter resulting in voluntary coitus actually being rape. Think of the brute man rapist forcibly mounting the poor vestal virgin, no civilized gentleman here! Or possibly the poor vestal virgin offering the juicy vagina lips to dumb unknowing penis for sperm milking by the black widow spider, with a  crooked smile (Hi Garry sound familiar?)......

   The civil relationship may only be a friday night "hook up" of two virtual strangers or "married with children". The governmentally condoned or encouraged married breeding couple relationship might be terminated by divorce being less messy, but still a shame, for the spawn (slang).  The dysfunctional relationship can also turn to violence due to jealousy over breeding privileges, or failure to achieve a sustainable partnership.  In these situations you have the moral or religious situation called adultery. Start life, end life, start life, end life, both with reckless abandon? Roe V wade?  Society fails to see this prolific immoral procreation as a victimless crime and I feel it should be equally immoral to, but the reverse of murder.

   HARSH...? Did anyone ask the child?     Single mothers are another huge burden on the Govt/society (actually all the neighbors that must pay taxes to support the misfit socialism policy and offspring)

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