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USA "The Dirt"

Acquisition of "THE DIRT"

   Back in the beginning the north annd south american continents were connected by the land bridge from north eastern asia to alaska/canada. Some locals wandered east and south. The eventual population of the "western part of the world" was  to become the indeginious natives. In their day, people wandered to find food for survival. The continents were so big that the concept of posessing DIRT as "mine" and therefore "not yours"  was not even an acknowledged concept.
Eventiual migration filled all of north americans to the atlantic ocean, gulf of mexico and down to central america an into south america. Aparently the vikings visited north america for a while.

   The powerful and greedy ruling classes in europe both conflicted with their own population and a desire to increase wealth and land holding that was well established in europe and the eastern continents, sent ships across the ocean. Even the pilgrams brought the concept of land ownership using the concept if we "write it down" we have taken and now own it! The "savages" not having writing and a power structure like courts and armies and police to to prevent taking by subterfuge or taking by the threat of violence. The european named indians were systematically genocided from coast to coast. Step by step the White supremacist invasion and manifest destiny philosophy made it's march to the pacific. The land taking was all documented and became "ours" by the national US government. Each state was given management authority of the record keeping to subdivide and perform the chore of taxing the temporary peasant stewards of the land that they "think they own".

   Even if you "bought" the land, in reality you have only paid for the right to reside and use the land as long as you pay your taxes to the real owner which is the town, if one is so established, other wise the state is the ultimate owner. If you "bought" the land and don't pay your taxes the state will repossess the land even if violence is required after the courts rules the repossession by the state or federal government.

   Using a concept of "adverse possession" the state can and will reassign ownership.  On my own property in Hamilton Massachusetts the nasty old woman neighbor, had 23 ft of fence put up on my surveyed and staked property under the protection of armed Hamilton police officer Brian Shaw. It is a "civil" matter, OH REALLY? If I touch her fence on my property, the policeman had threatened me with criminal action. There is the good old boy white supremacist network at work.

Use of the legal  Massachusetts "fence viewer" statute for relief was denied by the Town of Hamilton,  Town Manager and Board of Selectman. They declare my legal remedy is to reaccomplish the previous $2000 survey/stake by the Mass Licensed surveyor, with a filed $7000 Mass Registry survey and staking,  PLUS up to 2 year wait to get into court, plus quoted  $10,000 to $20,000 in lawyers fees.

Today, this would sound a LOT like Putin/russian reasoning  for the invasion of Ukraine ...USA/america does not have clean hands...Yet USA points a "shame on you" finger to russia.

Since USA has genocided the north american mongoloid natives with 15 thousand years of prior north american habitation, there is little chance of a recovery war attempt from the americam Indians. White supremacy has prevailed and the low morals swept under the rug using religion as a "white wash".

See:  Weaponizing the "legal" system = Justice, if you can buy it ? $$