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Bread is the role of the Government being the self appointed caretakers of the peasant-citizens. This policy was named for this type of two prong philosophy back in the Roman era. Bread certainly has strong visability in the current US governmental and media actions, though it is not actually understood how the individual person is coaxed, corralled and controlled like cattle.   Social security, medicare, medicade, SSI, food stamps  How pitiful that these charities are a carrot waved in the citizens face. Both the red and blue politicians  in the name of government stir the economic pot to entice government structured and monitored labor therefore producing income primarily to reap tax levies for supporting a hugely bloated welfare state. Open the border and bring on in another 11 million. WOW I hope all the Biden voters step up to happily pay extra for the welfare state they repeatidly vote for. OH sorry...the voters are the recipients ...

How pitiful for those breeding without any conscience as to if they can actually feed their own kids or pay for their birth. How has the school system been morphed into a "feed the kid breakfast program" since their parents don't bother?

More condoms or vasectomies are in order. Get a job. Remember a kid is, per the GAO, 1/4 milliion dollars each, birth to 18YO. Who can afford 6 kids?  Do they have 1.5 million after taxes to spare?

Back then my fathers yearly income tax received an income tax "deduction" off his income. Today it is an "earned income credit" or full cash back to pay for your kid?

It seems out of vogue with today's socialist philosophy, but my 30's  depression era  dad's sermon to me at 18 years old was, if you're a real man you won't be a burden on society and always pay your own way. In essence, food, lodging, clothes, education, medical care, retirement, and the money to bury yourself AND the costs of raising your spawn. Seems this should apply to women too. I was told that despite the (then) modern trend I would not be "coming back home to live". I did visit my Dad every year, for a week or so, until he died .

Earn your own bread...and support your self and if you really want to and can responsibly afford to, raise your children since you bothered to make them.....


Take note, as I have, of the good old american "sports"industry as even during the pandemic, the government as well as the enormous media give great allowances for the major sports as well as hero worship and the "economic" boost. I am sometimes wondering if I am subsidizing the "industry' through local town high school taxes and college games. Training these junior gladiators to provide "us" with suitable mental diversion for this governmental and socially demanded addiction. The eventual rise to professional gladiators in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL among others.

This introductory lifestyle promotion grows into the aggressive implementation of both  domestic and  foreign exportation of military power. However this "training" subtly tries to convince us and our country as being "good"and moral, but unnamed as "white" philosophy. Keep the public's attention preoccupied and then the govt can manipulate the public to continue and perpetuate the politicians welfare state.


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