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Free VS Slavery

black vs white     caucasian vs negro    green vs red   free vs slave

Unfortunately, words have socially or culturally influenced variable meanings with often and typically bad consequences.

Here is the more correct menu = Negroid (or Africans), Caucasoid (or Europeans) and Mongoloid (or Asians).

negro = high melanin content in skin ...

black is (to me) a cultural and social political position claimed by negros.

white = a color identification selection option on government  and other documents with either true or false social status implications.

1. Unfortunately here in this Massachusetts town, your blood color needs to be $GREEN$ rather than RED or your presence is merely tolerated, yet tax monies will however be indiscriminately collected but selectively spent. I was unpleasantly surprised on the day I registered to vote in Hamilton Mass. I was greeted by Hamilton Town Clerk Jane Wetson, "We want to welcome you to our UPSCALE COMMUNITY ". I was fairly soon very disappointed to find out what this meant.

2. Unfortunately here,  the current USA Democratic party influence, the slavery issue has morphed to a voluntary enslavement influence of today's children.  Funded by socialist funding of a variety of bleeding heart programs tax credits and subsidies are corrupting the freedoms that the country might have espoused to back in the good old days...Your children's mind are being stolen away from you and being molded as the democrats and mentally feeble citizens eagerly follow.

The lemmings are running en mass full speed toward the intellectual cliff...led by prez Biden and Nancy Pelosi . Unfortunately many republicans have little to brag about...