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USA- the falicy of money

The USA "the FED"  present  A$$et$ ?

Money is a rather strange thing and concept. As we work we "earn" money which is actually an exchange/contract with the USA of your life's value in exchange for a undefined value denomination called a (U$) dollar.

This dollar has the magical quality where the government can without any regard to the impact on their citizens and industries/corporations and money changers (stock market) redistribute the variable value of the countries "value" by deficit spending and federal prime interest.  All this is the biggest ponzi scheme ever envisioned in the history of man. Certainly well above the consciousness of the average citizen/man/women and possibly most if not all politicians.

Interesting definition: Unlicensed sellers.[21] In the United States, federal and state securities laws require that investment professionals and their firms be licensed or registered. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed individuals or unregistered firms.

Well the US govt is self licenced but the outcome is the same. The citizen investors become poorer and poorer as a whole though the citizens feel (falsely) like they are gaining. Note these "gains" will be taxed as such, while the actual value goes down.

Work for a loaf of bread and you get -it A FULL LOAF. Work for the $ for a loaf of bread and you get 2 slices carved off....before you get the residue.

Think of it? You have the government/politicians  be the keepers of the money pot stirring paddle. As the FED, State and local governments job is to encourage transfer/exchange of Labor made goods and services for money and extract the taxes from that process for the governments "imagined" cost of service to the peasants they reign over. THEY determine what the services and cost shall be...

In our system these erroneous costs are approved by the 51% majority of the voters ,but "paid for" by 100% of the tax paying slaves.  Is this "democracy" or "free choice"? Not free choice for, at the absolute LEAST, 49% of the citizens...