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Anthropic Principle

If you take into account a variety of worldly personal views where do we individually fit in?

Considering the universe is many trillions of years old since the "big bang origin", there is a lot of wiggle room (time) for the human race's evolution.

Reduce that time down to an individual persons life time span in the human habitation on this spaceship called earth.

Changing from time concept to current human morality at this time, are we or some groups of us merely maggots according to Hitler,  Muslim terrorists, Christians, my neighbor or the US Government?

I offer that we/you may be considering ourselves/yourselves as GOD mentally analytical and morally judgemental or as a humble flash in the pan no bigger than a maggot wiggling around in the bottom of the cosmic eternal garbage pail we call earth.

I believe I have observed all the above! Certainly is cause for thought?

Hey BreedingSports baby maker are you GOD or a just another magot? Are you sure?