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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In a recent media article this person declared her vision  "TAX the RICH". 

I propose this as my response, which is more in keeping with my general philosophy...TAX the breeders.

1. A marriage license is now $250,000. It allows you one child. The funds go into their social security fund to be disbursed by the Govt on behalf of their child. If childless they retain the funds for retirement or can be released after 18 year wedding anniversary.

1a. The super lavish wedding industry should switch to a charitable fund raiser for the marriage license fee.

2. Each additional  child is @ a 50% of remaining joint parent/couple income tax. I.E. 2nd=50% then 3rd=75% 4th=87.5% etc. + + + + until each child is paid off at $250.000 or if the child emancipates prior to 18YO.

3. The making of children outside of wedlock, single mothers is not "heroic", but morally the reverse of murder and even worse than abortion.

4. The taxation of all citizens for the bastards of society of this or any country is unethical and immoral. It causes severe civil unrest and political conflict for those with no brain cells to rub together to see that their is a problem with unbridled FUCKING. The old navy term





Radical idea? Watch California and the west burn, watch global warming as we practice burning in HELL The out of control hurricanes in Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Pythons and anacondas run amuck by your "pets" in the Florida everglades. Your "pets" run amuck in the cites as black lives matter "gangsta" and you vote for really brain-DEAD socialist engineer politicians like hypocritical AOC.

You can always choose to do nothing which is just as bad or worse than all the above.


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